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Custody Solutions For Crypto Currencies and Security Token

What is the single biggest challenge on the financial market with digital assets and security token management on a large scale?

Digital assets are stored in so-called wallets. If you are a thriving, proactive investor who requires not just a wallet but a Professional Custody Solution – then you are at the right place!

NodeVenture offers a high-security digital vault with a brand-new, patented multilayer Security technology, that has been tested for all possible weak points. Our innovative solution stores institutional assets safely and conveniently.

Built for the safety needs, our cryptocurrency custody solution is

  • Certified and Secure (with our novel battle-tested security layer technology)
  • Flexible (modular and customisable)
  • Made in Austria

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Individual solutions tailored for your needs

We offer an implementation concept that is Customer Centric and aimed at your complete satisfaction through the delivery of a highly flexible system.

Embolden your existing product with our Certified Security Solutions – the toolbox principle enables to fill in the fissures.

Our robust APIs offer a stable and secure connection between your branded mobile banking app and our backend – just like a hybrid cloud!

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Highest security standards

We proudly present a multi-layered security solution with our patented data encryption technology for certified secure custody.

We have developed a unique safety concept, over the years, that combines the advantages of both cold and hot storage.

Another unique feature is the Bidirectional Air Gap, which enables real-time interaction between online and offline wallet. As a result, our technology stands for Availability & Security.

Our service includes even staking & masternode hosting!

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Why nodeventure?

Usability & Flexibility

Professionals need professional solutions:

  • Customised solutions tailored to your needs
  • User-friendly
  • Operational uniqueness
  • 24/7 real-time transfer from cold storage


The security of your tokens is our utmost concern. So we’ve invented a brand new proprietary security layer technology:

  • Top-notch security for your tokens
  • State-of-the-art patented security solution
  • Multi-layered security technology that keeps your assets safe

Usability & Flexibility

We love regularities! That’s why we strictly follow:
  • European AML & KYC policies
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001 Guidelines


NodeVenture offers a solution that allows your cold storage to communicate with online servers in an absolutely secure way.

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