Custody Solutions for Cryptocurrency and Security Token

Key to Market

At NodeVenture our guiding principles are a pronounced awareness of quality, service and safety. We believe that comprehensive security concepts strengthen trust and improve the availability and integrity of information.

Information security and high service quality is an integral part of our business culture that also legitimises our entrepreneurial activity as a provider of trustworthy custody solutions for your digital assets.

That’s why we are proud to offer the Most Secure And Flexible Security Solution for you
– our VIRTUAL HIGH-SECURITY VAULT for digital assets.

Our Core Features

Fool-proof Security


User Friendliness

Staking & Masternodes

Tax add-on

Offline Custody

Portfolio Report

European Regulations Compliance

Made in Austria

Do You Need Other Features for Your Business Vault?

Using our products and services as a white label solution would offer your customers ease of use in any system.

It alleviates the uncertainty and discomfort of your customers that may arise due to the involvement of an unknown third party. By using our white label solution, your customers can open an account and keep their assets in personal wallets, do transactions with cryptocurrencies and can verify and check their balance any time.

We take the complete responsibility of your digital assets‘ security from a technical and regulatory point of view.
Now you don’t need to worry about Cybersecurity – Let the Pros handle your Woes.

We also offer automated KYC and AML checks so you can concentrate on your core business full time.

Perfect as a Family Office, Investment Fund, Financial Service Provider or Bank located inside the European Union.