We guarantee unlimited security and growth to our customers and their digital assets, through our state of the art system architecture, including the software and hardware infrastructure that has been developed over the years to meet the current security requirements!

Your digital assets are stored on specially managed servers in georedundant and highly secured data centres!

How nodeventure works

Your interface or white label dashboard is connected with our middleware via automated processes. All databases are separated logically for your security.

Online Secured Area Features:

  • Patented data encryption technology
  • Cyber defence strategy according to the OWASP Top 10
  • Criteria and ISO 27002 best practices
  • Internal and external communication is made with encrypted
  • Web services via https or at least TLS 1.2
  • Parameterized stored procedures
  • Whitelisting
  • A failsafe mechanism by keeping customers and organisational data in logically separated databases
  • No central storage of private keys
  • Source codes processed in our audit-proof repository
  • Continuous audits and security checks

Our Bidirectional Air Gap feature ensures that our offline wallet server only receives the request you want it to receive. Every request that does not include the correct secret codes gets rejected automatically.

Offline Secured Area Features:

  • Real-time transactions between an online and offline area with bidirectional communication via Air Gap
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard equipped hard drives (US-governmental and banking standard)
  • Parallel connection of security layers to counteract the increasing traffic that can have a negative effect on the transaction speed
  • TMIA hardware maintenance with predefined approval processes and dual control to protect against insider attacks and more
  • Annual penetration tests with qualified external service providers

In case you want to implement our wallet as a service solution, your infrastructure would directly communicate with our backend middleware.

After a pre-selection of transaction requests, our multi-layered security technology performs the validation of the transaction

API Service Features:

  • Unlimited customers
  • 24/7 secure access, SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) create transparency
  • Transactions into and out of the system
  • Information with requirement-based service offers
  • Whitelisting
  • General Data Protection Regulation compliance

We hope that You understand we can not reveal all our security secrets to you. For more information, contact us and our security experts love to get in touch with you immediately.